Sensor Seismic Solutions uses an extensive collection of proprietary software (see below) in addition to Landmark Graphics’ ProMAX family of geophysical processing software, GLI-3D from Hampson-Russell Software, and MASTT from Techco Geophysical Services.

A short list of proprietary software follows:

  • Sinusoidal Noise Modeling and Subtraction
  • Preconditioned Adaptive Time Variant Spectral Whitening
  • Offset Consistent Gain Control
  • Time-Frequency Adaptive Noise Attenuation (AVO Compliant)
  • AVAZ and VVAZ
  • Radon Noise & Multiple Attenuation
  • Anisotropic Kirchhoff Prestack Time Migration (PP and PS data)
  • Implicit FD Time Migration
  • F-X and F-XY Random Noise Attenuation
  • F-X and F-XY Trace Interpolation
  • Spectral Emphasis
  • Diffusion Filter (Structure Oriented Filtering)
  • 4D Cross Equalization Technology
  • Wavelet Extraction and Analysis
  • Lateral Phase Change Estimation
  • 5D Interpolation
  • SVD Ground-Roll Attenuation
  • TFANS – Time-Frequency Adaptive Noise Suppression
  • Footprint Attenuation