SENSOR SEISMIC SOLUTIONS LTD. is a Canadian seismic data processing company that provides accurate subsurface imaging to the petroleum and mining industries. It was incorporated by former employees of Sensor Geophysical Ltd., which terminated operations in June of 2016.

Sensor Seismic continues with the proprietary software that had been developed by Sensor Geophysical Ltd. since 1994, Landmark’s SeisSpace processing package, upgraded hardware and, most importantly, people that deliver geophysical correctness in the processing and merging of 2D, 3D and 4D conventional and multicomponent seismic data, in a professional and collaborative manner.


Sensor’s staff uses an extensive collection of proprietary software in addition to Landmark Graphics’ ProMAX family of geophysical processing software, GLI-3D from Hampson Russell Software, and MASTT from Techco Geophysical Services.

  • Processed Seismic Data Designed for Advanced Reservoir Characterization
  • 3D Merging of Multi-Vintage Seismic Surveys
  • 3D Time Lapse Processing for Reservoir Monitoring
  • Converted Wave Processing